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UmMind - Your Partner in Integrating Artificial Intelligence

We help companies use AI and automation to make their work easier


Adapt and Lead: AI is Your Ally in Business Growth

At UmMind, we specialize in empowering businesses by integrating advanced AI technologies. Our focus is on teaching and guiding organizations on how to effectively leverage AI tools that already exist, transforming their operational efficiency and productivity. Our services are not just about providing AI solutions; we emphasize education and practical implementation. From detailed workshops and expert consultations to personalized strategy development, we ensure your team understands and effectively utilizes AI to achieve significant productivity gains. Whether for large corporations or small enterprises, our goal is to demystify AI and make it a powerful tool for business growth.

Ariel Goldberg
Founder UmMind



Custom AI Solutions for Your Business

Introduction Course

Dive into the world of AI with ease and speed. Our "AI Introduction Course" is designed to inspire and empower your team. Discover how artificial intelligence can revolutionize productivity in your business.

Девушка, касающаяся интерфейса искусственного интеллекта, что символизирует вовлечение и готовность к обучению на курсе по использованию AI-инструментов для повышения производительности
Ключ к AI-инструментам для бизнеса, символизирующий персонализированные тренинги UMMIND, которые адаптируются под индивидуальные нужды и уровень подготовки

Adapted Training for You

Dive deeper with our personalized AI training sessions. In these sessions, you'll gain practical experience with specific AI tools, carefully selected to meet the unique challenges and objectives of your business. We tailor our approach to match your pace and level of expertise, ensuring an educational experience that is both effective and engaging.

Full Support

At every stage of AI integration and usage, we offer adaptive support tailored to your needs. Our team stands ready to assist you through any challenges, adapting our approach to ensure your success with AI tools. We are committed to being your partner in this journey, adapting alongside you until your business objectives are fully realized.

Рукопожатие между человеком и роботом, символизирующее тесное сотрудничество и полную поддержку в процессе интеграции ИИ-инструментов, предоставляемую командой UMMIND
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Why UmMind?

Adaptive AI Solutions That Fit Your Needs

At UmMind, we carefully test each AI tool before recommending it, focusing on what best suits your business. We offer the latest AI solutions, tailored to your specific needs, ensuring simplicity and effectiveness in enhancing your business growth.

Our Team

Connecting a passion for technology and innovation for your success

Business Advantages


Process Optimization

Cost Saving

Rational Expenditure


Smart Planning


New Opportunities


Reduction of Manual Labor


Trend Forecasting


Individual Approach

Risk Management

Error Minimization


Expertise in AI Tools

We closely follow the latest in artificial intelligence to bring you relevant and effective AI solutions. Our focus is on practical, cutting-edge tools that enhance your business, keeping you updated in a rapidly changing tech world.

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Application of AI

Artificial intelligence can improve your business in many ways

Labor Efficiency


The application of artificial intelligence allows for the reduction of human labor, particularly in performing repetitive tasks.

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